Washington Post Endorses "Dirty" Deeds

Monday, October 19, 2009

We all knew it was coming. The Washington Post endorsed Democrat Creigh Deeds for governor here in the Commonwealth of Virginia on Sunday. Well, actually, a liberal paper from the most liberal place in the country, the District of Columbia, endorsed a liberal in the governor's race here in Virginia from within the limits of the District of Columbia. They want to make the Commonwealth of Virginia, where capitalism first arrived in America in 1607, like their little socialist "paradise" in the District.

They've endorsed him, so now I'm going to tear apart the Post's arguments using the weight of their own arguments:

1) They claim that "Mr. McDonnell has staked out the intolerant terrain on his party's right wing, fighting a culture war that seized his imagination as a law student in the Reagan era" and "[d]espite his rural roots, Mr. Deeds has been ideologically flexible enough to support abortion rights; press for background checks on firearms buyers at gun shows; oppose displaying the Confederate flag on state license plates; and warm to equal rights for homosexuals."

Excuse me, but abortion, guns, free-speech, and the gay agenda are key battles in the culture war! So, if you agree with the Post on all of these issues and have worked to implement them, you've "compiled a moderate record on divisive social issues that reflects Virginia's status as a centrist swing state." But, if you're on the other side of the Post regarding these issues, you're "intolerant" and "fighting a culture war."

Maybe the culture war is like the Global War on Terror under Bill Clinton, one side declared war and is fighting, while the other is doing nothing (oops, I forgot about Monica!). But then the Obama administration did say that us right-wingers and our soldiers are terrorists and the Post is simply a parrot of the Obama administration, so I guess that comparison is apt.

2) The Post correctly claims that "Mr. McDonnell has sought to corner Mr. Deeds by focusing on debates in Washington over energy policy, labor union membership and other contentious federal issues." And quite successfully, I might add. But the b.s. begins again in the next sentence: "But a governor of Virginia can do little to influence the ideologically charged debates raging on Capitol Hill."

Hello, the U.S. Constitution does not enumerate powers to the federal government "over energy policy, labor union membership and [most] other contentious federal issues." So, by the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, these powers "are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." Therefore, the governor and legislature of Virginia have these powers and they are being usurped by an out-of-control federal government. It is the duty of the governor and attorney general to defend the sovereignty of the Commonwealth of Virginia against federal encroachment and dare I say, nullify these intrusions within the borders of the Commonwealth if all else fails.

3) They claim that "[g]leeful Republicans, convinced that Mr. Deeds has dealt his own candidacy a lethal blow by his stance on taxes, have seized on it as evidence that Mr. Deeds is heedless of the financial strains on ordinary Virginians." Yes, that is Deeds to a T, but the Post goes on to say that "[a] recession is no time to raise taxes, [Republicans] say; never mind that any solution is unlikely to be in place until recovery is underway."

Well that's quite a load, isn't it? Yes, the roads won't be built for quite some time, thanks to the enviro-Marxists and assessment after assessment that will be needed to placate their anti-human agenda and skyrocket costs so we'll think twice before we drive anywhere.

But, the taxes will probably go into effect immediately, or the next July 1st after the passage of the massive bill produced by the "bipartisan [i.e., partisan] commission [Deeds dictates] to forge [i.e., ram through] a consensus [of tax-hiking liberals] on transportation funding [i.e., taxes], with the full expectation that new [astronomically-excessive] taxes would be part of the mix." Think back to the bipartisan, unconstitutional, 2007 "transportation" debacle that Democrats love to blame on Republicans, despite the fact that King Kaine the Tyrannical was knee deep in that mess, as were many Democrats. Remember Kaine stripped the language from the abusive fees section, making them only apply to Virginia drivers. As horrendous a concept it was before Kaine did his dirty work, he made it worse.

More analysis to come...


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