Divorce the Leadership, Not the Party (No 3rd Party)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

This post is in response to the post, Maybe it's time for a divorce..., by Marc V. at Considered musings and random commentary.

While I agree about Tiger being a sleazebag, etc. and Marc V.'s insights on fidelity, marriage, etc., I strongly disagree with Marc V.'s call to divorce the Republican party and start a third party.

The "Republican Party" has strayed, cheated, lied, been condescending, gambled, spent money on members of other parties, etc. Repeatedly. Long before Reagan, but especially since. How long should voters stay in an abusive relationship?

It may be time to throw the bum out...

Maybe it IS time for a divorce --er, third party. Get out there and date again. Find the right politician, not the loons, crazies, shiftless, druggies, or any of the other in the pantheon of low-lifes willing to take over our money and our lives.

How many of us have pled with representatives to NOT abuse us? Not just republicans, but democrats alike. DON'T DO TARP (did it anyway). DON'T DO BAILOUTS (spent our money on harlots and booze, and then gave the booze to underage boys along with the keys to OUR cars). DON'T DO GOVERNMENT HEALTH CARE! DON'T DO Crap and Tax! DON'T DO ...

The list goes on, and politicians on both sides ignore the people they are married to... the voters.

Maybe it's time.
I have many concerns with this line of thinking:

1) A third party is a guaranteed way to split the vote and give the liberals a permanent majority and therefore destroy the country further than they've already destroyed it.

2) Parties don't stray, cheat, lie, condescend, gamble, or spend money on members of other parties, only people (i.e., the leadership, members, etc.) can do that.  Political parties are collections of individuals with (hopefully) common ideals organized to further these ideals using the economies of scale that only a large organization can produce.  The leadership and certain liberal members of the party have committed these acts, but not the party itself.  The party is not the problem, its leadership and certain members are the problem.

3) Any political party will become a bureaucracy when it becomes large enough and experiences success.  If the TEA Party became a political party, the same problems would soon occur in it as in all political parties, if it ever became a success (see #4).

4) There's a reason why no third party has been successful in America politically:  It's incredibly difficult to get on the ballot with equal footing as the first two parties in most states.  There are so many hurdles to overcome, that we'd have a better chance in totally overhauling the Republican party to be the extreme conservative / constitutional party it needs to be than to start from scratch.

5) I think Marc V. is confused regarding TARP, Bailouts, ObamaLackOfCare, Crap and Tax, Porkulus, etc.  There was way more outrage after the travesty of TARP than before it.  I wish there was more outrage on the right before it passed, but that simply wasn't the case (regretably).  Regarding the rest, have you looked at the vote counts by party for these?  Really?  Are you really going to blame the Republicans for these?  Really?

6) I support divorcing (i.e., voting out of office, firing, or impeaching) the people in the Republican party that have committed these acts, not the party itself.  What are we, cowards afraid to fight?  If we can't fight to take back our party from liberals in disguise, how can we take back our country from liberals in disguise and in plain sight?

7) Look at the conservative take back of the Republican Party of Virginia.  With Pat Mullins at the helm, we swept the statewide offices with hardcore constitutional conservatives.  It can be done! 

In summary, divorce the leadership, not the party (no 3rd party).


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